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Rainwater HOG

Rainwater HOG


In 2004 HOG inventor Sally Dominguez founded HOG Works Pty Ltd to develop, produce and distribute the Rainwater HOG modular tank and other innovative rainwater-focused products. The HOG tank was featured on the New Inventors in 2005 and also shortlisted for a Standards Australia DesignMark. Following strong interest in North America HOG Works sold a container of HOGs to US-based Design Within Reach and launched HOG in the USA in late 2007. Rainwater HOG LLC was established in 2008 to guide US production and distribution of Rainwater HOG tanks and new, innovative water-related products.

Rainwater HOG modular tanks are available world-wide, distributed out of Australia, the UK and the USA.

Ten years in sole architectural practice and an active interest in sustainable invention and ?green? materials provides Sally with constant inspiration for her eco inventions. In 2000 Dominguez formed Bug Design and won an Australian DesignMark and an Institute of Design award for her ground-breaking NEST highchair - now held in the Powerhouse Museum Permanent Collection. Dominguez has also designed furniture - her O MOON outdoor light can be found in the current Design Within Reach catalog- and she is a expert panelist on ABC TV?s New Inventors program. Sally lectures in Design & Technology for the Board of Studies and presents privately on sustainable design innovations. A Passionate belief in the necessity for widespread public acceptance of water conservation as a fact of life drives Sally Dominguez to continuously design and invent simple, effective solutions which address the global need for smarter, multi-purpose, sustainable building products.

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