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Last Updated: April 1

TYPSA - Tecnica y Proyectos S.A.

Address: C/ Gomera 9. San Sebastian De Los Reyes - Madrid - Sp 28703

Tel.No.: 34917227300

Contact Name: Pablo Jim??©nez

TYPSA group is an independent consulting company in the fields of civil engineering building technology and environment . Since its establishment in 1966 TYPSA group has continuously participated in the development of all types of infra s t r uctures and equipments in Spain and all over the world contributing with its work to create better living condit io ns f or their citizens. TYPSA group's international experience extends to more than 50 countries of all continents. At pr ese nt TYPSA is carrying out 65 projects in 30 different countries. TYPSA group has highly specialized multidis cipl inar y te ams out of a total staff of 1.600 professionals more than 70% are engineers architects or other univer sity gradu ates.

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