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Office of Sustainability Cleveland OH

Adresse: Dept of Public Utilities
1201 Lakeside Avenue Cleveland OH 44114

Tel.Nr.: 216-664-2444 X5586

Kontakt Name: Philena Seldon

The Office of Sustainability was established in 2005 with the intention of guiding the City to become more efficient and effective at delivering quality services to residents and in order to help shape Cleveland's future. The office works with the City???s administration as well as its departments to integrate sustainability principles into daily operations a nd achieve the following goals: Save the City of Cleveland money and reduce its ecological footprint or combination o f resource consumption and waste generation Use sustainability as a tool for economic development Introduce a sustainab ility culture and its principles into the community Focusing on these goals will help to retain people businesses and intellectual capital in the region by providing a friendly and healthy place for people to live visit and work.

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