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VTN Nevada

Adresse: 2727 S. Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas NV 89146

E-Mail: [email protected]

Tel.Nr.: 702-873-7550

Kontakt Name: David Edwards

VTN Nevada is a full-service engineering planning and surveying firm providing quality services to the public since 196 0. Every project undertaken by VTN is backed by a strong commitment to excellence in quality and service. Our success o v er the years is attributed to our ability to fulfill this commitment and create long-term relationships with our cli en ts through the success of our projects. VTN has set the pace for others to follow and is proud to be the forerunner in eng ineering and surveying technology and expertise. VTN provides a broad range of professional services neede d to make every project a success. It is our day to day practice to provide personalized service to all our clients and w ork closely with them to achieve the results they expect. This personalized service has earned VTN the reputation as a q uali fied firm with the ability to expedite project undertakings and complete them on or ahead of schedule and withi n mo netar y constraints. Ou

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