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BY Tali Aaron : April 12

Feit Electric PAR20 8-Watt LED Flood Reflector Review

Our Feit Electric PAR20 8-Watt Flood Reflector review - looks like an incomplete incandescent, but light quality blows other PAR20s out of the water.

Feit PAR20 8-watt LED Flood Reflector bulb

Feit PAR20 8-watt LED Flood Reflector bulb

Today’s review breaks down the design of the Feit Electric PAR20 8-Watt Flood Reflector bulb into five components: Design (10 possible points), Light Quality and Details (25), Brightness and Dimming (25), Efficiency and Safety (15), Warranty and Durability (25). We assign points to each section, and at the end of the review, summarize our findings and provide a final rating (out of 100) and recommendation.

Design (9 out of 10): At first glance, the Feit Electric PAR20 bulb looks like a standard A-shaped incandescent that had its top sliced off. . . . and is seeking refuge in a lined metallic shelter. Upon closer examination, one realizes that it’s actually solid inside that metal casing, and a whole different technology of bulb.

This Feit Electric PAR20 flood reflector bulb has 3 LEDs shining a single beam from its flat top. The bulb might be too long for some smaller fixtures, but it will definitely fit anywhere you currently have an incandescent. Perhaps Feit is suggesting this flood/standard bulb overlap in their design that similary bridges this gap.

Light Quality and Details (20 out of 25): A slight delay when switched “on” keeps us from giving the Feit Electric PAR20 full points on its light quality. Still, at 3000K, the bulb ranks side-by-side with other indoor LEDs currently on the market. Technology of LEDs is not yet high enough to get the Color Rendering Index (CRI) up to what halogen and incandescent are (most traditional bulbs have CRIs of 100, while this is in the high 80s), but the light is good enough to have a nice white color. No flickering on this bulb, so the headaches should not be a problem.

Brightness and Dimming (25 out of 25): The Feit Electric PAR20 bulb actually outshines its halogen PAR20 counterparts. Feit compares the PAR 20's light output to that of a 45-watt halogen flood reflector. At 340-350 lumens, the Feit Electric PAR20 bulb emits significantly more than the 280 or so lumens that most 45 watt halogen PAR20s emit. Consumer reviews have raved about the brightness, confirming that the light is indeed brighter than 45-watt halogen floods.

Like the other LED downlights we’ve reviewed, the Feit Electric PAR20 bulb is not dimmable. We’re on the look-out for a high-performance dimmable LED downlight, and will have a review out to you on one soon. Be sure not to put a non-dimmable bulb on a dimmable circuit, as it can ruin the bulb. After paying the significant investment for one of these babies, the last thing you want is for it to burn out quickly.

Efficiency and Safety (10 out of 15):  Like other LEDs, the Feit Electric PAR20 is mercury-free and has no UV emissions. Unlike some other bulbs, Feit Electric does not advertise this bulb as “lead free.” We would rate this bulb higher for safety if Feit would claim the lack of lead in the bulb.

Feit claims in some places that this bulb uses 6-watts, but the majority of information about the bulb says the bulb uses 8-watts. To make things more confusing, the Feit catalog claims the bulb uses 5-watts! Assuming that the bulb uses eight watts so as not to overestimate the efficiency, other small downlights (like the Philips R20) might get you more bang for your kilowatt-hour.

Warranty and Durability (13 out of 25):  Feit Electric claims that its PAR20 LED bulb lasts 30,000 hours, but the company only backs it up with a 2-year warranty. In comparison, Philips offers a 6-year warranty on its LEDs, and GE provides a 10-year warranty on its LED bulbs. Although these other LED bulbs are more expensive than the Feit Electric PAR20, paying a few extra dollars is worth a long warranty when you are already making a substantial investment for one of these LED bulbs.

Dimensions: Diameter: 2.48 in; Height: 3.86 in

Cost and Availability: Like the other LED downlights we’ve reviewed, the Feit Electric PAR20 LED is actually way cheaper at the big box retailers than it is online—although, that will likely change the longer the bulbs are around. You can find it for $23.06 at Lowe’s, $42.99 on Amazon, or $35.10 at Conservation Mart. Bed, Bath and Beyond also sells this bulb for $24.99.

Overall Rating and Summary (77 of 100): Overall, the Feit Electric PAR20 LED bulb scores 77 out of 100, or a “C” on our rating scale. Ultimately, we’re impressed with the bulb, but still wonder why Feit won’t back up their life-span assertions with better warranties. For now, Philips has a better alternative to a small, approximately 7-watt LED bulb, and Feit offers no perks to steer us alternatively.

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