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BY Tali Aaron : May 5

Gulf Oil Spill causes Political Changes of Heart about Offshore Drilling

schwarzenegger anti offshore drilling

It’s a disaster. No one can deny it. The Gulf Oil Spill is shaping up to be yet another grim reminder that oil and water don’t mix – literally. This is especially true when the oil is crude pumped from deep sea wells. Unfortunately, that incompatibility has been balanced against economics and the energy needs of a technologically advanced country like the U.S.

The question of to drill or not to drill has usually been answered along party lines. Until recently, Democrats could be counted on to say ‘No’, while Republicans said ‘Yes’. This predictable response is changing as members of both parties look on with horror at the fiasco along the U.S Gulf Shoreline.

The first high-profile Republican to ‘jump ship’ is California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who on Monday announced that a proposed offshore oil drilling project isn’t going to happen. He’s passing up $100million that CA could certainly use saying, “Why would we want to take on that kind of risk?” Schwarzenegger is only one Republican voice but, hopefully, more will follow.

As for the Democrats, Monday’s ad from MoveOn.org asks the Obama administration to reinstate the ban on offshore drilling it lifted in March. It remains to be seen if the White House will listen and capitulate.

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